Blood Meridian Or the Evening Redness in the West By Cormac McCarthy

A novel about war and fights by Cormac McCarthy lands us in the middle of Tennessee where bloodshed is not a new thing at all. A little boy gets stuck in the middle of these fights, instead of running he just decides to stick to the thing for the rest of his life. 

The boy ran away from his house when he was just a kid and now no one knows his name or where he came from. He too does not remember anything about his past or perhaps he does not like to remember it. 

All the boy knows is that everybody calls him “Kid” and that has become his name now. Fighting gangs and facing imprisonments make the kid toil hard for his survival. Friends are made during this tough campaign and many are lost during the fights but the journey carries on. No Country for Old Men and The Road also had this kind of landscape in them which shows the author’s selection for the stories.

 Also, there happens to be another mysterious man in the novel i.e Holden who is considered not human by many of the people around. Kid survives all of these characters at an early age and finally becomes a man but receives a tragic fate in the end. 

Richard Poe narrates the awful fate of the kid in a pure sad tone when he is caught by the judge in the outhouse and after that, there is just carnage. No one dares to look at the sad spectacle that’s why the judge remains free of charges as he dances among the prostitutes present in the club.    

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