There are heroes and then there are villains but there is also that character that stands on the borderline. At times such characters play the role of heroes and then sometimes they work for their motive and turn out to be villains for the society. Catwoman is one of those characters who steal for her prosperity but she has never tried to ruin the lives of those who want to live in peace. She was once a poor girl who used to roam the city streets and the tragedy happened to turn her into a creature of the dark.

It is Sarah J. Maas’ turn i.e the author of A Court of Thorns and Roses and Throne of Glass, to talk about a girl who is super but not a hero. Batman is not in the town when the novel starts as he has gone on some official searching of the bad guys. Batwing takes this opportunity as a nice chance to prove his worth for the town.

Everything is in the hands of Batwing who is strong but not enough to control the increasing conspiracies in the town. Together with the Catwoman, the lone hero becomes strong, although the two had issues in the past they pull this one together. Sarah intentionally makes the female character dominate the male. Julia Whelan was also specially selected for narrating this novel in which the Catwoman needed a special voice for her character. The inner goodness of both characters gets revealed and they also get a chance to get closer to one another which was impossible in ordinary situations.

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