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Chosen by a Dragon is the fourth love story in the Fallen Immortals Series by author Alisa Woods.
Leonidas: I am the Dragon Prince of the House of Smoke… and I am cursed. Love me was never in the card. An angry witch guaranteed it – if I lose my heart, I lose my life.
A pact that guarantees peace will die with me, unless I convince some unlucky human to love me and give birth to my child – a dragon born of magic and a true love. Five hundred years guarding my heart and opening the door of my bed means I have no chance for this. However, if I fail, it will not only be my death but also the death of countless others.

Rosalyn: My luck has never been good. Being a witch who can’t do magic is worse most days – it’s even worse when your mother’s cancer is incurable. I’ll do whatever it takes to turn our fortunes around, including stealing magical healing health from a shifter.
Besides, they owed me—a hot errand boy who seduced my mother, got us thrown out of the fireplace, and ruined my life. One of them may bleed a little to get things right. A dragon prince with an eccentric mating game and 10x stronger blood? Perfect imprint. After all, my luck might be turning good.

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