Darkfall By Dean Koontz

Darkfall is a book written by Dean Koontz. Dean is known for writing some extraordinary fictional and horror fictional novels. This subject novel is horror fiction which tells a gripping story. The author has a few other quality novels that are worthy of listening to in audio format as well. A couple of those recommended novels are Elsewhere and Devoted.

Christopher Lane gets an opportunity this time to narrate this chapter. The narrator did a phenomenal job by producing some required weird voices and some supernatural sounds as well.

There were some really strange days going on. Winter has taken full hold in the city and at the same time, terror had its hold as well. There were 4 corpses discovered in the entire city in as many days. Each one of them was more hideous than the previous one.

There were some strange and weird nights going on in the city as well. The cops initially thought that they might be dealing with some psychopath but that was not the case. It didn’t take much longer for them to witness some eerie sounds coming out of the ventilation system. They were able to see those horrible silver eyes in the snow-covered night.

It was a city that was entirely paralyzed by a blizzard and there was something that watches while the other stalks only. Things were not normal at all.

Darkfall is good with its plot and it makes an excellent listen. The audio performance of this novel is outstanding by Christopher Lane with his ability to perfectly produce some required supernatural voices. Overall, this book makes a good read, even better listen.

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