Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine (Audiobook) A Novel

The story is centered around Eleanor Oliphant, who is reserved and loves her own company in many situations. She is self-assured and always loves to respect other people. She is a true believer of good manners and proper behavior. She is quite young, even though her dressings at times look a bit oddly. She is also intelligent, but she is this type that doesn’t like showing off what she knows.

 However, things about her life changed dramatically when she met a guy who is completely different from her. The IT guy warms his way inter her heart even though he dresses in sloppy ways and has poorer hygiene. This book is a unique love story that begins at a slow pace and picks up to the point where it becomes too engrossing.

Just like author Gail Honeyman did in Eleanor Oliphant sta benissimo, he tells the story in such a way that will keep readers wanting to see what’s going to happen next. When you pick up this book, it will be hard to drop it until you come to its conclusion. That’s the level of suspense the author has put in the book.

And when it comes to narration, Cathleen McCarron did an excellent job. He represented the characters with the right emotion and voice. It makes the audio boo seem as interested as the hard copy. However, what seems odd was the Scottish accent she used for Eleanor’s coworkers. It made their voice quite different from the role they are playing.

Overall, the book is a complete one with interesting characters. Most importantly, the Eleanor character is very intriguing. The author illustrated her journey wonderfully well.

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