Finch Merlin and the Locked Gateway

Finch Merlin and the Locked Gateway is the 13th book in the Harley Merlin Series by author Bella Forrest. Revolving around a mapped location and vials of Sanguine’s blood, Finch needs one last ingredient to unlock the gateway to the lost city. Very few people know the legendary city. What will you do to come to this city?

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Harley Merlin 13
Finch Merlin and the locked Gateway
Written by Bella Forrest
By Amanda ronconi
Chapter one
Being in Ryan’s apartment made my heart pound like a kangaroo caught in a spin cycle
Clammy hands cold sweats
Clenched throat
My body gave me all the red flags
Pause everywhere I looked I faced another nightmare
Snapshots of Captain Canada with his arm around ryanne Omega Watts miles
And a couple of obligatory funny pictures where they’d stuck out their tongues
Not to mention
Ryan bedroom was right there
The sweet scent of vanilla and fake strawberry drifted toward me
Be cool
The Medela serum might have sent the Gremlins into a coma but that hasn’t stopped my pension for inner monologue
Do you want something to drink
Ryan called from the kitchen
Well she claimed it was a kitchen
Honestly it was more of a shoebox with a sink in a toaster
I’m sure
What do you have
Across the living room in perched awkwardly on her cracked leather couch
A remnant of the sixties that didn’t look like it had been clean since the Beatles were number one
Some Japanese drink I don’t know the name of
I think it’s got bits of plants in it
Aloe vera or something
I cleared my throat
Coffee sounds great
While she clattered away in her shoe box
I took in my surroundings for the hundredth time
She had another 60s throwback for a coffee table
And a TV mounted on the plane wall
Shelves either side contained rows upon rows of books all crammed into resemble an overstuffed mouth of yellow teeth
She had a few Ryan touches of course
Candles ornaments
A few prints of lautrec dancers and miles of string lights
But you’d only recently moved in so I guess the apartment was still metamorphosing into an independent woman’s pass
I’m in Ryan’s Baartman
I’m actually
In Ryan’s apartment
Adult feeling like a fish out of water
All sense of normal human behavior and flown right out the window leaving me with no idea what to do with my
My various limbs
Did I cross my legs uncrossed them
Hold my arms
Stretch out like a cat
No clue
She’s moved out to get some autonomy from our beloved mr. and mrs. Smith
There’s nothing like parents to cramp one style
Especially with a boyfriend
Was giving her recent forays into the magical world she’d wanted to keep the Smith’s in relative safety
Living at home and they could be used as potential targets
Ryan came back with two mugs of steaming coffee and a 1/2 MI
Don’t worry if it tastes a bit
Apparently just the way the water on this blog Chase but the super said it’s completely harmless
I hide my mug warily as I set it down
I had no intention of drinking it
Even if that made me a rude houseguest
You sure it’s okay for me to be here
I know you want to show off your fancy new digs but we could have just met at a cafe or
Somewhere in the SEC
Why wouldn’t it be okay
And who wants to spend six bucks on coffee when you can get one for free
She chuckled and sipped from her mug of hazardous waste
I don’t know
Is the boyfriend cool with this
I know I’ve only met the guy few times but I sensed he didn’t like me much
Wouldn’t want to cause any Lovers Fat
Especially involving the Boston Strangler
He might creep in my window while I’m asleep
Bryant’s building
Adam wouldn’t mind at all
Besides I’m not expecting him anytime soon I need call before he showed up
Canadian manners at their finest
Weekend matches potions have dimmed my Gremlin paranoia and accompanying delusions but it did nothing for
Good old-fashioned nervousness about a big bus Canadian coming in and catching me having coffee with his missus
I doubted anyone had a serum or potion for that
Not even the atlanteans
Speaking of which
So tell me what are beset again
Brian prompted is the reading my mind
Man I hope she couldn’t
I was still thinking about her bedroom having caught a glimpse of her minimalist setup
Greys and creams with a batter looking bunny toy sitting on her bed that could have been center stage in a horror movie
What I falling out of its head and one ear barely hanging on
Kill me now put me out of my misery
It is seem to beg me
Bane of my life
I thought I didn’t pulled out my phone pulling up the text you sent last night
It says
Have no fear this is not a summons yet
This is merely a forewarning of our next steps
Now that we have the key we must open the gateway to Atlantis
But first
We must find it
That’s all he wrote
Erebus being his usual helpful self
Friend took another sip of swamp water
Have you thought anymore about breaking away from your deal
Well they’re one dilemma at a time
I mustered a smile
And yes that’s pretty much all I can think about now that I know it can be done
But I’m not a necromancer and I don’t know where to find Devin so
How about we focus on a problem we can solve
Do you remember anything about the Gateway on that map you drew
Can you take a picture of it
Thankfully she switch back to business mode without comment
I didn’t feel like getting frustrated about escaping my servitude
Every time I thought about it and about Gavin managing and I wanted to rip out my brain
You can’t just take pictures of powerful magical things like that
It’s warded against copies being made as are most creations of that kind
I didn’t try back at the Winchester House when I had half of it redrawn and every picture show to black screen
Oh I couldn’t have just photocopied it either before you ask
I replied
Okay got it no copies
What does your memory say
There was
Something about a Gateway between life and death
But Melody ran a check through her mind Palace and came up with a nada
That could be because it’s related to Atlanta
But it could also just be a gap in the Librarians knowledge
Fortunately for you I believe there’s no substitute for a bit of ordinary thorough research
Feeling down and wasted two massive tote bags on the coffee table which buckled under the weight
They were stopped with books
Stale old timey smell wafted off them
Reminding me of opening the package of a first appearance comic
I gave the bags
Did you take these from the SEC
Where else would I’ve gotten them
She pointed to more bags do beside the threadbare armchair across the room
I took those two
They just let you walk out with that many
O’Halloran must be slipping on a security protocol
Fran laugh
He gave me permission to check them out from the library’s actually
That’s the beauty of working for Miranda bone tone
I say it for her research and I got the all-clear
I can’t believe you’re still working for her after dagger stands at least shindig
I grumbled for calling that nasty party
At least I had the pleasure of guillotine in Devon
Even if it hadn’t stuck
She’s a victim of daggers in the charm offensive
He believes whatever he tells her including the lies about Devin
Perhaps that makes her Guilty By Association but I genuinely don’t think she’s like daggers in or Devon
So far she hasn’t given me any reason to believe otherwise
Brian replied
We spoke in depth about what happened that night
Leaving out you Garrett and saskia
I snorted hope she doesn’t come back to bite you in the ass
It’s on me if it does
I said she
Brand knotted
Yep and I ignored you
She gestured to the books
Let’s go through what we know so we can figure out what we don’t know
Nash’s blood can be used as a substitute for extinct ingredients in a spell
The spell will allow Erebus to unlock Atlantis
That’s about it
I smiled sweetly
I’ve been staying at the Winchester House with Melody and Luke
The safest place to be without a gym curse to protect them from blood Hunters
Melody was currently sifting through her mind Palace to find any information she might have missed about Atlantis and the Gateway
But other than that
Our options are pretty much dried up
And the Erebus hadn’t been in touch aside from that text
Looks hadn’t contacted me again either which I was grateful for despite knowing the reprieve is only temporary
Juggling The Winds of two children of chaos might have made me spontaneously combust
I couldn’t share the weight of my troubles
Not even with ryanne
Lex would have gutted me like a trout
That’s really all Arabs gave you to go on
Brian froud
Why do you sound so surprised he’s not exactly a verbose
Have you been reading the thesaurus again
Hey guys got to sleep
Something about the Visa always sends me off
I retorted
So we don’t yet know what the Gateway is or where it might be
That’s right isn’t it
I nodded


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