Fool’s Quest – Fitz and the Fool Book 2

Fool’s Quest is the second novel in the Fitz and the Fool series by author Robin Hobb. This is Robin Hobb’s triumphant adventure for Fool’s Assassin. Fitz and the Fool changed the world, bringing about dragon magic and securing Farseer’s succession. The Fool is in danger, near death, caught up in the intrigues of the court. FitzChivalry Farseer has weapons of his own, his skills as a royal assassin have dwindled over the years.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Fool’s Quest – Fitz and the Fool Book 2 by Elizabeth

First time I’ve quit an audiobook because of the reader

I am a huge fan of Robin Hobb and have listened to all her other series on audible (and read all the Fitz books on paper as well). This is the first time I’ve ever quit an audiobook because I found the reader unbearable. His character voices and accents are way over the top and the voices he does just don’t match the characters. Queen Kettricken’s voice is just horrifyingly pompous in this recording – utterly out of character. And the Fool’s accent is so intense that it’s distracting. I feel like I’m reading about characters I’ve never encountered before. It’s ruining the story for me, and I’m stopping. I made it about 2 hours into the recording.

Review 2: Fool’s Quest – Fitz and the Fool Book 2 by DobieChuck

Excellent Story, Execrable Narration

I loved this story, as I’ve loved all stories in this world setting… A great story line, punctuated w/ intrigue and adventure… Characters like old friends… I particularly liked the new character Motley, which was imaginatively and humorously done… All that being said… The narration was just plain awful… The poorly done accents were distracting at best… Nearly unlistenable at worst… Being blind didn’t have the option to switch to print, which I would have done… Listening to an Ebook version spoken aloud in a robotic voice was a tempting option… Sincerely hope narrator is replaced for 3rd book!!! The setup and cliffhangers have me excited for said book, but the idea of the same narrator has me considering other reading options…

Review 3: Fool’s Quest – Fitz and the Fool Book 2 by cah242

Terrible voice acting

There’s no connection between this and the other books in the series when it comes to the way things are pronounced or how people sound. So be it; it’s a different actor.

But this guy can’t even keep the voices of characters straight in, literally, the same sentence. Toward the beginning of the book there was a conversation, and one character had three different voices. Beyond that, about a quarter of the characters have voices that sound like parodies of real people.

**Somewhat Spoilers ahead** Lant and Rain both are just completely ridiculous, with Lant constantly talking through clenched teeth regardless of the situation, and Rain sounding like a slimy effeminate villain, when there is absolutely no indication that he should sound like that. Dutiful and Kettricken both sound unbearably posh, which makes no sense, since their defining character trait is their down-to-earth-iness. It’s like the voice actor took no effort to think through these characters, and just picked a voice at random when he came upon a new name.

What makes all of this even more frustrating is that the primary characters, Fitz and Bee, are both great! So you know that he can act, and apparently just chooses not to put in the effort for the majority of characters.

Very frustrated, and I’m really mad that he’ll be back for the final book in the trilogy.

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