Free Full Audiobook – From Hero to Zero By James Patterson

From Hero to Zero is the 10th book in the Middle School series. After succeeding at Hills Valley High School, Rafe is excited to visit the wonderful City of London with her class. Rafe discovers his roommate is none other than Miller the Killer, a bully of aliens. This trip has many interesting and unexpected discoveries, invite you to watch the development of this beautiful story.

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Review 1: From Hero to Zero audiobook by Skip and Timshel Matheny

I read this while I was in London myself… my mind was blown!! (This is an 11 year-old boy speaking) Plus I’m in middle school too sooo…… bonus! This book was amazing! If you are reading this review, I highly recommend this book! It will leave your brain watering (if that’s such a thing) for the next book! I also highly recommend the other books, they’re great too!

Review 2: From Hero to Zero audiobook by Carolann C. McGrath

My grandson loves these books and whenever scene one comes out I order it for him. He just turned 13.

Review 3: From Hero to Zero audiobook by Amazon Customer

One of the best middle school books yet

I love, love, love! This book. This is one of the best middle school books I have ever read, I also like how the chapters are longer. I hope that the next book starring Rafe Katje Dorian comes out soon

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