Free Full Audiobook – The Cardinal of the Kremlin By Tom Clancy

 The novels by Tom Clancy are frighteningly genuine. They are loved for their flawless authenticity. There is always something special about the novels of Tom Clancy which pulls so much of fan following effortlessly. The Cardinal of the Kremlin novel is full of all such qualities. It is a mystery thriller and you will love it for its bone-chilling suspense. The book is chapter four of A Jack Ryan Novel series. If you are interested in more novels by the author then you must try audio versions of Patriot Games and The Hunt for Red October novels.

Michael Prichard narrated this chapter of A Jack Ryan Novel series. The performance was not that good and the narrator was just rushing through the lines.

Two men on the scene had some really important information regarding the Star Wars missile of Russia. Cardinal is one of them who was the highest American agent in the Kremlin. He is just nearing his termination at the KGB. The other person was the American who had the capability of saving Cardinal and to take this world towards peace. It could be war as well actually. The stakes are quite high in The Cardinal of the Kremlin. You will enjoy witnessing the suspense, mystery, and thrill that this novel has got to offer.

It is one of the most underrated novels by Tom Clancy. It didn’t receive the level of appreciation that it deserved. The book as a whole is amazing with a fascinating tale and strong characters. It is one of its kind and not to be missed.  The performance by Michael could have been a lot better though.

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