Free Full Audiobook – The Collectors By Philip Pullman

Philip Pullman is a beloved British author of the past decades. He writes novels for adults and children. The Collectors is an introductory book to the His Dark Materials series. The introduction is for readers and fans of Lyra. We invite you to follow the next development of this great book.

We invite you to listen to this fascinating story. Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The Collectors audiobook by Abel

Short but sweet

A nice little appetiser to bring you back to the world of His Dark Materials. Not really the best sort of thing to introduce you to the other books, but certainly of interest to those who have read and loved them.

The low score in performance was due to the extremely bad mixing that causes the performer’s voice to be nearly inaudible during a good few of the lines of one of the two main characters. I certainly hope it can be updated and fixed to better volume balance, as the performance is excellent otherwise.

Review 2: The Collectors audiobook by Michele Kellett

Henry James, meet Rudyard Kipling

An Oxford common room, a feeble fire: strangers meet over port, a tale is told, a transaction fixed, a dreadful act ensues. This is a classic 19th century horror story, told with Pullman’s characteristic wit and grace. The bonus is the tangential glance at a character we grew to know well in The Golden Compass.

Bill Nighy’s narration is superb, of course — but perhaps more “actorly” than quite comprehensible. He falls into near-whispers occasionally: dramatically appropriate but hard to follow on a freeway, with a lot of ambient road noise.

Review 3: The Collectors audiobook by AJ

This is a must especially since it’s only a couple dollars. I wasn’t lucky enough to get it free as some members were. However…. it was well worth it. The only con I can find is it’s so short! I could’ve listened to this story for hours especially read by Bill Nighy! Seriously one of my all-time favorite narrated (& performed) audio books.

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