Free Full Audiobook – The Long Way Home By Louise Penny

The Long Way Home is a mystery thriller novel. It is the 10th chapter of the Chief Inspector Gamache/ Three Pines novel series. The book is written by the brilliant Canadian novelist, Louise Penny. She has written some extremely engaging and highly entertaining mystery thrillers. Her topmost novel arguably is All the Devils Are Here: A Novel. After this one, The Madness of Crowds promises to provide top entertainment as well.

This chapter is narrated by Adam Sims. He appeared in this series for the first time in the capacity of a narrator. He didn’t disappoint at all as people loved the performance and it was just so thorough and professional.

Armand Gamache, the ex-Chief Inspector of Homicide has finally found some peace which he was not able to imagine earlier. It was far away from the front lines of his duty and in the tranquility of the beautiful Three Pines village. But, when Clara Morrow, is friend ask for help then he was in no position to refuse her.

It was even though such act would open all the old wound again. Peter was husband of Clara and he went missing. He failed to reach home on their 1st separation anniversary. Visit was promised by him but it never happened.

Gamache took on this case and investigated it further. He found some really shocking secrets linked with the life of Peter Morrow which changed the scene altogether.

The Long Way Home come as an immersive, evocative and a very exciting novel. It is packed with some heat-stopping suspense. The critics regard this novel as one of the most creative so far by the author.

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