Free Online Audiobook – Save Rafe! Middle School Book 6 By James Patterson, Julia Bergen

Save Rafe! is the sixth book in the series: Middle School by James Patterson, Julia Bergen. Middle School star Rafe Khatchadorian eventually learns to be a leader. After a rough summer, Rafe returns to the dreaded middle school, and he and his group of friends team up for the ultimate test: a solo trip into the jungle? We invite you to watch the next development of this interesting book.

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Review 1: Save Rafe! audiobook by Peggy M.

Winner or All-time Favorite Loser Again?

Rafe Khatchadorian is doomed in this Middle School book from James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts. The Principal of Hills Village Middle School had mandated he survive an outdoor camp for troubled kids before he’s allowed to come back to school. If he fails the test, he’s out for good.

Our favorite screw-up is now going to have to face some of the worst challenges he’s ever come across, including oatmeal. Okay, oatmeal may not sound like a challenge to some of you, but when you were forced to eat it every morning for the first eight years of your life like I did it ranks right up there with alligator wrestling.

Back to Rafe: The counselors are some of the coldest-hearted individuals any kid ever came across. They all must have been First Sergeants in the Army because they push these kids to a point of total exhaustion and hunger. Will Rafe use the experience to learn how to be a real leader or will he weasel out and go back home to mommy?

I loved this story and the inspiration it can give to kids in the dreaded “Middle Years” of K-12!

Review 2: Save Rafe! audiobook by nclovely1

I bought this for my son, who’s 13 years old and in the 7th grade. He just loved it. He is a _Diary of a Wimpy Kid_ fan and said this book reminds him of the Wimpy Kid books. Rafe is a middle schooler who faces challenges in school and at home with candor and humor. The book has vivid characters and sends a positive message.

Review 3: Save Rafe! audiobook by Angela

My son had declared that he hated everything to do with reading until he discovered this series in the school library. Now he not only reads voluntarily and eagerly, he begs me to buy the next book-which I do without hesitation!

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