(Free Online Audiobook) The Mark of Athena – The Heroes of Olympus Book 3 By Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan is a phenomenal writer of children’s books. His creativity with characters, situations and his storyline is just so amazing. He understands his audience and brings up exactly the type of content that his younger audience looks for.

 This is the major reason that many of his 20+ novels did well for himself and his audience. His books are tempting and if you are looking for more of these then The Dark Prophecy and The Tower of Nero books could be a good point to start with. The Mark of Athena became highly popular after its release with excellent reviews and feedback received. The book is chapter 3 of the popular Heroes of Olympus novel series for children.

Joshua Swanson is the narrator of this novel who is getting better and better with every opportunity coming his way in the series. The performance made this book a true success which children love to binge-listen to.

Annabeth gets extremely terrified at the time when she was about to be joining back with Percy. It was happening after a period of 6 months and all this was possible with thanks to Hera. It seemed that Camp Jupiter was gearing up for the war. As Annabeth along with her allies, Piper, Jason and Leo fly on the Argo II then she was in no position to blame the demigods for assuming that ship is actually a Greek weapon.

 The fantastical creation of Leo does not appear to be friendly at all. However, Annabeth was hoping that the sight of Jason on deck would actually reassure the Romans that the Half Blood Camp visitors are getting into peace.

The story of this novel is good and quite entertaining. The different characters makes the entire experience exciting but at times, a little complex too. Nevertheless, the book is worth your while.

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