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The Secret is a paranormal romance novel. It is the third chapter of Irin Chronicles. This novel is authored by Elizabeth Hunter. She is a well reputed narrator of paranormal and contemporary romance novels. If you want to see Elizabeth Hunter at her best then do check out her novel This Same Earth. Another novel with similar excitement and interest for the audience is The Singer.

Zachary Webber is back again with her magical voice to take this novel to another level in its audio version. The performance was complete and thoroughly professional which had the right expression that the characters of this novel deserved to have.

It was for some thousands of years that the singers and scribes from the race of Irin existed for the sake of humanity and to guard the gifts that belonged to the Forgiven. They all have lived their lives in the shadows. They are known to have kept their secrets.

Malachi and Ava have managed to survive the growing darkness but would they be ever able to be in a position for discovering light? The answers may have been held by the extremely powerful cabal from the Fallen. They have lived for a long time right in the shadows. They managed to have kept all of their secrets. But, one thing to be noted here is that the Irin race is not believed to be the on one having the secrets. There are others as well and that what make this more interesting.

This chapter brings the story of Malachi and Ava to a superb conclusion.  It all ended well with the great romance especially after so much tension that became part of their story in chapter two.

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