(Full Audiobook) Desperation By Stephen King

There are hardly any writers in the history of literary writing who are rated ahead of Stephen King. His is an absolute charm in his writing, which is creative and has a lot of brain behind it. If a couple of novels from the author are to be recommended then The Stand and The Outsider would make a very easy and obvious choice for the listeners.

Desperation is another super exciting horror fiction by Stephen King. The narration of this novel is done by Stephen King himself. This shows his love and all-round abilities that makes him even more special within his fraternity.

The terror and horror in the desperation novel is relentless. The novel became the bestselling one soon after it got published. It is about the small mining town of desperation. It is penetrated by many people in their own specific way that leads to somewhere else. But, it is not easy at all for anyone to get out of it.

Desperation town has very little connections with the rest of the world. It is a weird place where the seams between the different worlds are quite thin. It is a spot where all the trespassers or travelers gets kidnapped by Collie Entragian, who is actually a police officer of the town. Every time he uses a different approach for abductions. There is something very weird and absolutely wrong in the town and Collie Entragian is only the surface of all this mess.

The secrets within the landscape of Desperation town infects it just like some viral hot zone. David Carver, a young traveler seems to know a few things about it. Things do scare him almost to death.

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