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Homeland Elegies is a literary fiction book by author Ayad Akhtar.
The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Disgraced and American Dervish: an immigrant father and son seeking familiarity – in post-Trump America.
The work is deeply personal about the identity and belonging of a gradually divided nation.

Homeland Elegies blends fact and fiction to tell an epic tale of longing and deprivation in the world 9/11 created. Part social essay, part picnic novel, at its core is the story of a father, a son, and the country they both call home.

Ayad Akhtar creates a new narrative voice to capture a country whose debt has destroyed countless lives and its financial gods rule. Immigrants live in fear and where unhealed national wounds ravage the world. Akhtar tries to make sense of it all through the lens of a story about one family, from a central town in America to palatial suites in Central Europe to guerrilla sentinels in the mountains. Afghanistan, and spared no one – at least himself – in the process.

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