Left for Dead – Ali Reynolds Book 7

Left for Dead is the seventh novel in the Ali Reynolds series by author J. A. Jance. This is a New York Times best-selling book. Santa Cruz County Sheriff Jose Reyes, Ali’s classmate from the Arizona Police Academy, was shot down and left to die. Ali is determined to seek justice in the cases and ensure the safety of the victims.

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Review 1: Left for Dead – Ali Reynolds Book 7 audiobook by Jean

When friends come to the help

Karen Ziemba does a great job narrating this series. Ali is off to help a friend who was in the police academy with her and also helps her friend Sister Anselma (sp?). Meanwhile her parents sell the cafe, and she is trying to decide on the new winners of her scholarship. It was nice to learn from this story what is going on with characters from previous stories in the series such as the last recipients of the scholarship and other fellow police academy students. The attempted murder of Jose the sheriff deputy, the murder of the postman and a rancher lead us on a tangled web to discover who did it. Over all it is a pleasant visit with friend in the series but I wish Ali would get back on the job at the Sheriff department it helped stabilize the story.

Review 2: Left for Dead – Ali Reynolds Book 7 audiobook by Frances

I absolutely loved this newest installment

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There are two stories blended together with Jance’s usual skill and make an exciting read

What other book might you compare Left for Dead to and why?

Left For Dead is another great book by J.A. Jance, her seventh in the Ali Reynolds Mysteries. In all of J.A. Jance’s books there is a strong sense of family, not just in the stories plot but in your reading experience. This sense of family is increased when you read another book in the series so my recommendation is to read others in the series as well.

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Easy to listen too

Review 3: Left for Dead – Ali Reynolds Book 7 audiobook by L. Paul

This is my favoriate so far in the series. Ali is working a mystery but she’s not the only one (I really hate books where they have a superman or superwoman character that does everything without help) and we’re introduced to some of her police academy friends and a nun she befriended in an earlier book. The plot is taut and the ending completely unexpected. I did have a couple of questions. The teen runaway in the book went missing from her Mom and StepDad’s at 14, yet she has a tattoo she said her Mom got her for her 15th birthday. Also in one scene, Ali is introduced by a long-time friend to another person as a “Reserve (LEO) Officer” yet, nowhere in this book or the prior one is she working for law enforcement in any capacity. She was not hired by LE in any capacity after completing police officer training due to budget cuts in an earlier book.

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