Martin the Warrior – Redwall Book 5

Martin the Warrior is an action and adventure book in the Redwall series by author Brian Jacques. The content of the story is about a shadow that has fallen on the east coast called the Marshank. A man named Badrang has enslaved dozens of innocent creatures as part of a plan to build an empire where he rules as an unquestionable tyrant.
Among the slaves is a mouse named Martin who has a heart like a warrior and a burning desire for freedom, freedom not only for himself but for all of Badrang’s victims. There is no battle that.

Martin does not perform, to end the reign of the chair, he takes back his father’s sword. Brian Jacques has created an epic and is bursting with unforgettable characters. The villains and lovable jungle creatures are so brave that you want to stand and cheer as they fight for their freedom.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- The stories about Redwall by author Brian Jacques are loved and received by readers. These books are filled with squiggly rats, fire and ferrets, romance and family, brought together by master storytellers. The picture of the world is extremely vivid and attractive.
02- This is a favorite story, a new love for a childhood essential. A large cast creates a rich voice for the characters, with narration by the author himself. Any fan of Redwall and a beautifully crafted work of art for any connoisseur.

03- This is possibly the best book in the entire “Redwall” series. It is set in a time and place prior to the founding of Redwall Abbey. Conflicts, betrayals, romance, adventure in this work. His characters are more original and memorable than in most other “Redwall” books.

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