Mavericks (Full Audiobook) By Craig Alanson

After getting toasted by aliens on a number of occasions the remaining members of the Flying Dutchman join the alien crew. The crew consists of young alien cadets who are just learning the arts of war. The elite force from the earth considers the whole thing a waste of time as they are much skilled as compared to the aliens but there is nothing else to do. 

The crew is in a better condition as it finally has some competition. In Black Ops and Zero Hour the team was dejected but now it wants to prove its skill in front of an entirely new alien race. It is because of this careless attitude that not only gets themselves into trouble but also the whole cadet squad of aliens as well. 

The situation once again is “do or die” thing and there is also an important gesture that the team wants to convey i.e it is not a threat for the aliens at all. In order to establish friendly terms with the alien race there is only one way i.e to help him get out of this danger and save their young soldiers in the process. 

The action saga continues as Craig Alanson opens another chapter of the series in which humans and aliens are now working as allies. Both of them need each other for survival and also for the protection of Paradise that is now a combined home for both of these races. R.C. Bray with the ever appealing voice of his captures our attention once again as he induces the war scenario once again in quite a high pitch.

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