Miracle in the Andes

Miracle in the Andes is a first-person story of the accident and its aftermath. Nando Parrado was unconscious for 3 days before waking up to find himself crashed somewhere deep in the Andes crashed somewhere deep in the Andes. His mother and sister Nando Parrado are dangerous just like him. Nando leads an expedition up the treacherous slope of the snow-capped mountain and traverses 45 miles in search of help. It is a revealing look at life on the verge of death and a reflection on the strength to overcome difficulties, the great desire for life.

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Review 1: Miracle in the Andes audiobook by Simon

Moving and disturbing

An amazing story, that is in essence a simple survival story. However the depths in which the author needs to sink to survive are disturbing – mostly because of its reality. There is a large amount of spirituality in the book, but not too much to turn you off (if its not your thing). Great narration, with preface and interview with the author. I listen to many audio books – this is highly recommended. I repeat there are actions the survivors need to take which may be disturbing to some listeners.

Review 2: Miracle in the Andes audiobook by Kaleigh

I absolutely love this book, written by Nando Parrado, one of the sixteen survivors of the 1972 Andes plane crash, and one of the two men who walked and climbed across impossibly high Andean peaks and found their way to get help for the others. It’s written with heart- for their friends who perished, the survivors and reader, and conveys something of the life long bonds that were forged between this group of rugby players and schoolmates.

To survive the rigors that they endured required amazing organization and ingenuity. They faced the grim choice to survive from the flesh of their friends who had perished – an unimaginable horror. This book addresses something of those considerations but in an analytical and personal way as a matter of course, but It does not get bogged down in the morbid aspects nor does it sensationalize them. This book is ultimately about survival in circumstances that were unimaginably cruel and having their existence reduced to the point of a kind of religious experience. Perhaps their survival was only possible for this reason. Something else I love about this story is that it does not end at the point of their rescue but also talks about some of the challenges faced returning to their lives and families. Nando writes about returning home and being recognized by his dog and its possibly the most poignant scene, except perhaps when he first spoke with his father (his mom and sister were killed in the crash) and has to break that news to his father- who’s simultaneously relieved to discover that his son has survived. On so many levels this story is a miracle and the writing and telling of it is beautiful.

Review 3: Miracle in the Andes audiobook by HawaiiGal

Gripping first hand account of what it is like to find within oneself the ability to pragmatically survive under horrific conditions. Having lived in Bolivia and flown over the Andes many times I was deeply drawn into this by the author. I also read (and reviewed) Alive! I encourage each reader to read both of these. Each of the survivors has their own interpretation of what they went through and how others reacted. Nando is gifted in his ability to share with the readers how one digs deep (or does not) to overcome their own cultural and religious biases to put survival of themselves and others above all else. A must read for anyone who is fascinated by the indifference of nature and in awe of the human spirit. Recommend!

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