Mr. Loverman – A Novel By Bernardine Evaristo

Mr. Loverman is a novel by author Bernardine Evaristo. The book is about Barrington Jedidiah Walker who is 74 years old and has a double life. Born and raised in Antigua, lived in Hackney, London for many years. A flamboyant character with a love for William Shakespeare, Barrington is a husband, father, grandfather – and secretly gay.

Mr. Carmel’s deeply religious and frustrated wife, claiming that he slept with other women. When their marriage fell apart, Barrington wanted to divorce Carmel and live with Morris. After a life of fear and deception, can Mr. Barrington be separated?

Some funny and witty stories amusing, Mr. Loverman is a fascinating cultural legend. What will be the consequences for them living in their real world? We invite you to watch the next development of this great book.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- Barry is a sexist and obsessive meat-eaters and fat people. It will never change but I will say that he is called by name many times throughout the book.
Morris seems like a nice guy. Carmel’s mother made a very difficult view of human roles based on gender.

I love Maxine’s character. She is well educated when it comes to issues of gender and race. She is also a feminist and very supportive of the LGBT community.

02- This is a novel with an interesting setting, engaging characters, engaging and humorous story. This is a tour that really deals with family, secrets and why there can always be a delay. Walker is a retired auto worker and property owner who immigrated from Antigua to London fifty years earlier. He is a father, grandfather, and secretly gay man being driven mad by his church-loving wife, Carmel. The double narration from Robin Miles and Ron Butler really captures the many voices of London and Antigua making the story all the more heartbreaking and funny.

03- Bernardine Evaristo enlightens us on the dynamics of being gay or not. We see the homosexuality of a family patriarch, Barry, unleashing all that is good and bad in his extended family. Barry and his wife, Carmel, are smart and quick to take advantage of business and career opportunities. In real life, people with this innate ability to move obstacles out of the way and master their own destiny also struggle with their own big egos. Barry and Carmel were clearly in their marriage, living among the ruins of their resilient personalities. They challenged, stood their ground, never had a realistic strategy to escape. The author takes us into the lives of their extended family, and we see how those personality traits invest in the progeny and Barry and Carmel’s efforts to deal with their own transitions. they switched to something better.

04- The story unfolds at a steady pace and depicts the lives of two men struggling with their identities, how to manage against a traditional family and find some level of happiness. . The characters are all interesting, complex, and free from flaws. This book is for a club discussion of recent trends in the US related to LGBT Equality. I think the fight for equality is pretty much the same around the world.

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