Neighbors – Twin Estates Book 1

Neighbors is the first love story in the Twin Estates series by author Stylo Fanôme. The content of the book is that Katya Tocci has never cared much for the people living next to her, her work always keeps her busy. She is a nice girl who is working hard to become the most sought after, favorite cake designer in San Francisco.

A good girl also has to let loose from time to time for life, right? So after a fake dating profile later and she’s ready to tarnish her clean image. What will her good time be like?

Throw in a neighbor who corrupts her, and another who just wants to possess her, and how has her entire world turned upside down?

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- Grayson Ash did an extraordinary job in narrating this story. I’ve heard rave reviews about this story and I’m not disappointed. Kayla decided to commit to her sexual side and things were never the same at that point. Liam is her neighbor with a lot to offer and quickly becomes a great friend. Then there is a blast from the past and her ex Wolf reappears in the picture and now the question begins which team are you on? We’ve come up with a story that’s gripping and giving you a headache with the smash game!

02- I really love this book. Katya and her friends set up a profile on a dating site and and spruced up some extra events and made Katya more vixen instead of the safe type of teacher at school. She didn’t expect her neighbor Liam to blow away her inhibitions and she found herself in a new light.

She then unexpectedly meets Wulf, her childhood neighbor and lover. She hadn’t seen him in years, Has his return come at the right time?

The transformation in Kayta is such that she becomes a full-fledged shadow of herself. Liam is the daring chapter you instantly fall in love with, then there’s the good Wulf that makes you think about who you’d pick, everyone loves the kind of mystery being broken and Kayta is no different.

So who will Kayta choose? I love the appeal from this book. And I wait to see what happens next?

03- Neighborhood is a story about boring baker, Katya Tocci wanting to break out of her good girl form. She finds not one, but two boys to help her discover her naughty side.

Liam is the current neighbor. He’s silly, adorable, gorgeous, who pushed Katya out of her comfort zone. He takes her to his sex club, signs up for a striptease aerobics class, eats tacos with her, and becomes one of her best friends. He’s a good listener, he’s sexy, he’s charming, and he makes her happy.

Wulfric, an old childhood neighbor. He is arrogant, blunt, gorgeous, and rarely smiles. He was her teenage crush. His style may have attracted her, but she was unbelievably drawn to him. He is rude, intense, demanding and dominating; Sex is pretty awesome too.

Both of them knew about the other, because Katya had said it before. Both make her happy; Both test the boundaries of the new, adventurous Katya. Within herself Katya remained lurking and increasingly annoyed with her situation. She’s ready to commit to one of them.

This is a great book, super engaging, funny and I love the twists and turns of this story.

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