Old Bones (Full Audiobook) By Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

A lifetime opportunity turns into a threat to life for everyone taking part in the mission and thus the mystery truly opens its grave like a mouth. Nora Kelly a curator in her early career and all she needs is a real breakthrough, something big can make her name huge in the history forever. But history doesn’t knock at the doorstep, luckily for Nora it did knock on her door in the form of Clive Benton, a historian with something legendary. He wants Nora to dig the ruins of the Lost Camp with him so that they can tell the world once and for all what really happened to the people who were a part of this camp.

 It was 1847 when the campers lost all connections with the world and then one of them was found in the form of a skeleton later. The history still inquisitive about the reality that was buried along with them needs answers. The work was like digging up the devil’s grave but Nora was in need of something like that. 

They start the investigation further and dark secrets come on the scene a little quicker than the two expected. The secrets were so dark that they were not the sort that could be included in the history of mankind. The dead bodies were just the start and the rest invited Corrie Swanson to the scene for a final disposal of the tragedy. 

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have not presented such a kind the first time, Crooked River and The Codex were the initial steps after which the two rose to the heights of greatness. There is a kick boaster from the narrator Cynthia Farrell for this breathtaking thriller which doubles the taste.  




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