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Kill Decision is a horror novel by author Daniel Suarez. Chemical weapons drones already exist, they are widely used by the US in our war effort in the Middle East. Daniel has taken reality and the real science behind it one step further and the results are terrifying. Linda McKinney is a myrmecologist and ant scientist. Odin is a secret Special Forces soldier. McKinney and Odin help the world realize its destructive process, because the decision to kill is always in the hands of man.

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Review 1: Kill Decision audiobook by T. Menefee

Not Daemon/Freedom, but still good Thriller

Would you listen to Kill Decision again? Why?

Yes, I like the realism of Daniel’s books. He is able to craft a story that makes you believe that this could really happen!

Would you be willing to try another book from Daniel Suarez? Why or why not?

Definitely!! I absolutely loved Daemon and Freedom so anxiously awaited the release of Kill Decision to Audible. Although not in the same vein as the Daemon/Freedom books still a wonderful thriller that keep me on the edge of my seat.

Which scene was your favorite?

*Spoiler Alert*Loved the chase scene with the Professor

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?


Review 2: Kill Decision audiobook by Mark


Long ago I found out about Audible on Leo LaPorte’s TWiT netcast network. I read Daemon and Freedom(TM) and could not wait until the next work from Mr Suarez came out. Well on 7/19/12 Kill Decision was released on Audible. I wasn’t scheduled for my next credit until the 28th, so I decided to go ahead and pay the member price and have instant gratification. I have yet to regret that decision as I have already read the book twice in 5 days.

Daniel Suarez is a very gifted writer that has gone from being self published (Daemon) to the heir apparent to Dan Brown. His ability to take present form technology, tweak it just a tad to keep it believable and wrap it in a layer of probable fiction is wonderful.

As with Daemon and Freedom(TM) the production standards are top notch and the narration by Jeff Gurner gives the story respect, enthusiasm and characters that not only seem real, but standing next to you.

There is a long lead time needed to get an idea into a concept and then to book form. I am guessing that this book has been evolving for a year or more. The execution of the topic of drones is well done and feels fresh and current. I think this book will have a very long shelf life before it starts to feel stale and outdated from a technology standpoint. There is a very heavy emphasis placed on the story line and technology supports the story without drowning it.

Another fine point of this author’s skill set is that there is a fine line between relating what political realities are and preaching what they should be. Kill Decision strikes the right blend. I see no agenda in the story line and it makes for perfect reading in the morning, afternoon and evening.

I just hope that the people we send to Washington and the power brokers that control them are in no hurry to make this work of fiction classification into a documentary.

Now the real agony starts. What will Daniel Suarez come up with next and how long will it take to have it? In the meantime Suarez has provided us a trio of excellent techno thrillers that will be re-read with great pleasure.

Review 3: Kill Decision audiobook by Nicholas

A great summer listen

Any additional comments?

I knocked out the whole book in one day. This a fun action packed adventure; not as thought provoking as daemon/freedom but still worthy of your credit. Excellent narration. Daniel Suarez is fast becoming one of my favorite authors because of his ability to integrate technology into the thriller/mystery category.

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