Online Free – Buried in Black | Task Force Orange Series Book 1 By J.T. Patten

Buried in Black is the first book in the Task Force Orange series by renowned author J.T. Patten. The content of the book about former intelligence expert J. T. Patten will take you to top secret operations that you never knew. Killer weapon in the war on terror.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Buried in Black audiobook by Stuartjash

Wow! This book is the Tesla of thrillers. It goes from 0-100 in mere seconds. Kicking off with on of the best prologues I’ve ever read, J.T. Patten is flying up the ranks as one of the top writers in the genre with BURIED IN BLACK. You can tell Patten is more than a writer. With his insight in counterterrorism, in-field operations, cyber warfare, and everything in between, it is easy to see that Patten knows exactly what he’s writing about. As someone who works in cybersecurity, I was partially expecting to be hyper-critical of every and any technological slip-up, but everything was spot on. He hit the nail on the head with every, little detail. It felt almost like a Clancy novel but was half as long (which is a good thing). Patten introduces his newest character, Drake Woolf, who is easily one of the most impressive protagonists I’ve seen in years, and takes him on a wild adventure around the world.

BURIED IN BLACK is non-stop action from the first page until you flip the back cover. It is one of those books that will literally have your heart racing as you read it. I can’t recommend this book enough, especially if you’re a fan of thrillers. Great characters, great plot, great insight, great action, perfect thriller.

I was very impressed with the narration. It was superb.

Review 2: Buried in Black audiobook by Hey AK

Offensive on the ears…

I am fairly certain this is the worst book I have ever listened to. I give equal credit for this epic fail, to both the author and the narrator. The writing, combined with the narration, made the Spec Ops sound more like special needs. I seriously began to wonder if the book was some kind of parody. Wow. Just awful. I have now officially written my first negative review.

Review 3: Buried in Black audiobook by T.W. Barton

This book wouldn’t be out of place in a Shakespearian tragedy if that tragedy included drone strikes, automatic weapons, an FBI bulldog, and the Terminator disguised as a special ops soldier. Drake can’t be reasoned with, he can’t be bargained with, he doesn’t feel fear, and he absolutely will not stop.

There’s family that doesn’t have your best interest in mind and family that will literally kill for you. There are people called family that can turn on you and people called strangers that become more than family.

Drake suffers an unbelievable tragedy, thank God, his brother wasn’t around. Put a pin in that as it’s an important part of the story. Years later he suffers a betrayal that sets him on another path no less important but causes major internal struggles because it’s not the path he wants to follow.

When a book manages to make you so angry that you have to stop reading before you do something drastic like throwing your Kindle across the room or has you talking to the book, making you thankful that no one can see you acting like a loon then, you know you’ve found something wonderful.

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