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His Dark Materials: The Subtle Knife is the second book in the His Dark Materials series by renowned author Philip Pullman. The content of the book is about Lyra getting lost in a new world. Lyra finds Will, a young boy on the run from a killer. A new world, soul-eating ghosts roam the streets and witches share the sky with an army of angels.

We invite you to listen to this fascinating story. Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: His Dark Materials: The Subtle Knife audiobook by Geoffrey

The second book in a fantastic trilogy!

His Dark Materials, of which this is the second book, is a terrific fantasy. While aimed at younger readers, the series holds up brilliantly for adults, as well.

In the second book, Lyra’s adventure continues, as she finds herself in another world and discovers Will, a young boy who becomes her companion through the rest of the series. Lyra & Will also find other types of beings in this world, angels and witches; some are helpful, some not so. You’ll enjoy taking the journey with them, and the narration -by author Philip Pullman and a full cast- helps pull you into the story.

Review 2: His Dark Materials: The Subtle Knife audiobook by Graham S. Stafford 

Wonderful story

I listen to A LOT of books on This and Golden Compass received great ratings except for those who wrote a review. I see this often. I guess we have some literary critics who haunt 🙂 I found The Golden Compass and this book wonderful stories. The narration on both were great, and the music didn’t bother me a bit. I’m starting the 3rd book with great expectation. If you like a well read, great stories then these books are for you.

Review 3: His Dark Materials: The Subtle Knife audiobook by Arnold C. Macdonald

Another Terrific Book

This is the second book of the trilogy, and I thought if anything it surpassed the first with the introduction of new and compelling characters and plot developments. The actors and production are superb. Perhaps the best youth recorded book I have heard, including all of the Harry Potter books. Very highly recommended.

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