Stress Less, Accomplish More (Audiobook) – Meditation for Extraordinary Performance

The book teaches Meditation for Extraordinary Performance which means you will know the secrets of a leadings meditation expert who knows how to get relaxed when you are so busy that can’t even sleep for a while.

In most cases, people get involved in their work and have a busy schedule that they don’t even sleep for some time. This affects their daily work and surely lower their performance.

Fatigue and brain fog lowers the overall energy and surely lets the person down on his daily tasks and routine work.

According to the author of this book Emily Fletcher, getting a deep rest is the key to improving your lifestyle as if you do not take rest, you will not be able to perform better.

The book has been clearly and effectively narrated by Emily Fletcher, Sean Pratt and Emily woo who have given their clear and impressive narration skills to give the listeners their best.

The book is all about the importance of having good health through proper rest. Even if you do not have enough time to sleep, Emily Fletcher teaches the readers and listeners of this book how to relax more in a short time without harming their daily routine and still getting deep rest within minutes.

The author teaches the Z-technique which is actually about quick yet deep meditation technique. This helps in giving busy people a chance to stay easy and relaxed so that they can perform up to their mark without sleeping and getting rest for hours.

Meditation is actually years old technique that assures deep nerve relaxation and make it easier to get rid of the daily stressors that affect people ina negative manner. This technique teaches how to perform better and worry less without having to sleep for hours.

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