Sword Of Mars UnArcana Rebellions, Book 2, Starship’s Mage, Book 7 – Audiobook Online

Sword Of Mars – UnArcana Rebellions, Book 2, Starship’s Mage, Book 7, Audiobook Online By: Glynn Stewart

A fugitive with a dangerous lead. An opportunity to speak for silence. A dangerous quest into the enemy stars.

When the star system of Legatus was preparing to break away from the Martian Sorcerer King’s Protectorate, it was the secret agents of the Legatan Military Intelligence Directorate who laid the groundwork and fought the secret war to make it. reality.

Now, as the open conflict comes to a bloody stalemate, the LMID has been broken. Their leader is dead, murdered by agents of the Republic they helped spawn. Their surviving agents dispersed, following a protocol that eventually ordered them to defect to the Protectorate.

An old friend brings all this to Damien Montgomery, the First Hand of the Sorcerer King, and pleads for his help in unraveling the mystery. The only answer lies where the Hand of Mars should never have been: in the world of the Republic.

This is another great addition to The Mage of Mars series, this series is full of action and conspiracies about honor and betrayal but at the core of this story is a great mystery. Who is the old man, what is his purpose and what is he protecting humanity from and why has he gone so far. Hopefully we’ll get some answers but I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.

This book closes part of the story and opens up a new theme that has been brilliantly suggested in several previous books. I really like the combination of magic and technology that this series deals with because it adds a lot to the story while still having limitations. Well worth the read, but I recommend getting the previous books first.

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