The Age of Innocence By Edith Wharton

The age of innocence is the story of love, romance, and human relation in particular. The story does not possess any weak links in it; all the incidents are well collected by the author Edith Wharton. Some in the past thought of the novel as a triangular love story but it is not. Ellen Olenska the countess loved Archer and the man also loved her back but they never dared to talk about their relationship openly among the family members. When the countess came to New York after facing different issues in her married life she was heartbroken because the people also had a negative perception about her at that time. 

Archer, who was engaged to May Welland, had a different opinion about the countess. It was he who supported her in the open and helped her in many things. As time passed the two came closer in so many ways that Archer started having negative vibes about their relationship. Thus he went to May to hasten in their marriage schedule. 

After marriage, Archer proved a good husband as expected but the picture of the countess never left his imagination. On the night when May told Archer she was pregnant the countess left them forever. After a span of twenty-five years when Archer once again gets the chance to meet his beloved he just departs to keep certain promises. The House of Mirth and Ethan Frome (AmazonClassics Edition) are equally superb in their dramatization.

 Thus one should get those two as well for another joyous ride in Edith’s fictional world. David Horovitch’s voice however would not be available for the fans in all the books it is reserved for.

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