The big bad wolf book | Series Alex Cross Book 9 | James Patterson

The Big Bad Wolf continues with the story of Alex Cross in this suspense and thrill-filled, psychological crime novel. It is written by James Patterson. This novel became one of the best-selling novels in 2004. It serves as the ninth book in the series. It involves a judge’s wife being kidnapped. Cross discovers that the kidnapping fits the pattern of other cases he has under observation. If you want to read other novels by the author, consider The Black Book. Furthermore, you can also listen to The Russian as another great novel.

The use of two narrators, namely – Peter Jay Fernandez and Denis O’Hare is a nice touch for this audiobook. Both are capable voice-actors who speak clearly with the right inflection. They give each character a distinct voice which enhances the experience of the listener.

Alex Cross’s first case in the FBI is baffling his new colleagues. All across the country, men and women are being kidnapped in daylight. These people are completely disappearing and no one is asking for a ransom of any sort. Alex realizes that these people are being bought and sold. It seems like a criminal mastermind known as the Wolf is behind all this. He has introduced this organized crime which is kidnapping ordinary people.

Alex is tired of the FBI’s reluctance to move when it is the right time. Even though he admires the vast resources of the FBI, he can’t help but not take matters into his own hands. As the case goes deeper and deeper, Alex finds himself in hot waters. He has to get out before it’s too late.

It is a fast-paced novel with plenty of action. There is also a considerable amount of pages dedicated to the development of our beloved hero, Alex.

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