The Golden Dynasty | Fantasyland Book 2

The Golden Dynasty is a romance fantasy novel. It is the second chapter of Fantasyland novel series. The book is written by Kristen Ashley. She I a very successful author who has got nearly 80 books under her belt. She to international fame as many of her books have been translated in more than a dozen global languages. You must check her most popular novels where Wild Fire is one of them. Other than this one, Wild Wind novel from Kristen Ashley is also a good one.

The narration of this chapter is done by Tillie Hooper. She gave a really consistent and a thorough performance. After listening to her performance in this book. You will only have appreciation for her and nothing as such to complaint about.

Circe Quinn was sleeping at home and then wakes up with women in a corral where those were all wearing the sacrificial virgin attire. She was one amongst them. She discovered pretty soon that she is not at all having any wild dream.

She is living a frightening nightmare where she has been deployed to an extremely barren place which is all filled with primitive people. In short, she has been unwillingly installed over a white throne dominated with horns just as their own queen. The king of Suh Tunak was Dax Lahn. Giving just one strong look at Circe, he was quite sure about her becoming his bride.

This chapter build up on the beautiful opening of the story quite well. You will ease into the characters of this novel who are very nicely developed. The performance by Tillie Hooper in audio definitely deserves a special mention here.

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