The Handle – Parker Book 8

The Handle is the eighth book in the Parker series by author Richard Stark. Baron is a very intelligent person. He sits on the heavily guarded island of Cockaigne, small Las Vegas forty miles away in the Gulf of Mexico, raking in as much as $250,000 on some nights. He laughs at Outfit, who can’t collect their money. Outfit couldn’t stand it anymore, losing face because of losing a lot of money. They sent it to Parker, who knew that the line between success and failure on this score would be exactly equal to the length of the barrel. Parker’s flamboyant appearance was Grofield, making it one of Richard Stark’s finest works.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- This book is about Parker not only working for himself but also for his two most surprising partners ‘Feds’ and ‘Outfit’. A criminal known as Baron has set up a Las Vegas-style operation on a heavily guarded island in the Gulf of Mexico. The ‘Feds’ want Parker to bring Baron into the mainland United States, where they can arrest him, and the ‘Outfit’ wants Parker to shut down Baron’s very lucrative gambling den, which is making a lot of money at their expense. Will Parker survive, or will the hardships encountered on his way be worth all of his efforts? An old ally from the previous story has been killed and another has mostly been. did not survive but the usual traces of bodies ensure that the plot never falters. This is another great book by Richard Stark, wonderfully entertaining to read.

02- The book is about Alan Grofield being placed in a hotel in Mexico City with a suitcase full of money and bullet wounds on his body. Along with Parker and several others, Grofield robbed a casino on a private island off the coast of Texas. Parker was engaged to pull this cap it was Outfit that put him in the spotlight.
Parker’s story is told in prose that shows how ruthless and single Parker was when it came to compiling his team of crackers and carrying out the heist. It’s a good story and some great scenes of mayhem and devastation, on and off the island. There’s a lot going on when it comes to planning the perfect caper, but Parker works his way up.

There are great characters that also appear in this novel, including Grofield, Score, and Salsa. Crystal is the one Outfit sent to pump information on Parker and she is quite interesting. Parker and her are getting ready to board a boat to go to the casino to explore. Crystal can’t stop blaming her and Parker tries to correct her, realizing that she’s scared of sailing and the only way she can deal with it.

03- In The Handle Parker contacts Outfit with whom he has been in the war before. They wanted him to rob and burn a casino operating on an isolated southern US island claimed by Cuba. The casino is run by a war criminal known as the Baron, who refuses to provide Outfit with any of his proceeds. The US government also wanted to prosecute the Baron but could not touch him on Cuban soil. The island has heavily armed security forces and the island’s isolation means it is an extremely difficult volcano to exploit. Will Parker succeed in capturing this big wave?

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