The Land: Founding: A LitRPG Saga (Audiobook) Chaos Seeds, Book 1 Series

The land: Founding: A LitRPG saga is another wonderful series to nexcite your imagination with all the fantasy-filled thoughts and unexpected scenarios to enhance your spare time with magical moments.

This books I book 1 in the Chaos Seeds series that starts out a new journey in the field of imagination where you will be able to listen to the story to get indulged into for better.

The author of the series Aleron Kong has impressively written the story plot so that you may get involved in it right from the start and will be listening to it till the end to see what is happening there and how the events go connected that you cannot resist.

The narrator Nick Podehl has also played a wonderful part by giving the perfect voice to ensure you will be experiencing the emotions and everything that is happening there.

If you have been loving Ready player one and the Game of Thrones, this series of novels will never let you down since it consists of a collection of 7 connected novels that will keep you excited and connected to a world you never want to leave.More in the series include The Land: Forging and The Land: Predators: A LitRPG Saga.

The world of banished gods, spirits, magical worlds, and demons will get you to another world where nothing is like the usual world. The fantasy-filled arena will show you how things work in the top world of Gids and how they deal with the evils coming up against them.

 Ritcher Forge who is the main character will find the way out alongside with the friends which accompany till the end. How ill they survive, how will they manage and which things they will achieve and what they will have to leave behind, nobody knows until you listen to this story till the end to find out how they will complete their whole journey.

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