The Pale Horseman – Full Audiobook Book 2 By Bernard Cornwell

Book two again brings the news of war in England and the successors of King Alfred try to keep united the kingdom they have forged. The Vikings though defeated many times are still not ready to lay down arms against the English army.

This time Bernard Cornwell gives the Danes an upper hand in the battle for the first time as they force King Alfred and the few men he is left with to retreat and hide. King Alfred is not the sort who could live in the hidings for a long time and thus everyone expects a counter attack but what if he loses again is the nightmare that stops him. Among his few allies or soldiers is also Uhtred the one who was taken away by the Danes in his childhood.

Uhtred from heart thinks that the Danes are right and it is his duty to fight for them as they have raised him but he is forced to change his decision. Iseult makes Uhtred change his decisions by telling him the consequences of his decisions on the land that he loves more than anything. Disturbed after hearing the prophecies the warrior fights against the people who once raised him and taught him the art of fighting.

King Alfred proves lucky rather than powerful in this second part and although he lost all his power that he possessed in The Last Kingdom but fortune once again favors the throne. England that was on the verge of losing its existence survives and all is set for the trilogy. Jonathan Keeble’s accent that was so loves by the fans in the first part is continuing and noteworthy thing is that the narrator has provided different tone to the Danes and the people of England.    



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