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The Prayer Box is the first novel in the Carolina Chronicles series by author Lisa Wingate. The story revolves around an old woman on the island of Hatteras, dying in her bed aged 91, the struggling mother in her rented house Tandi Jo Reese is tasked with finding a Victorian home. So can Tandi find this mysterious house? We invite you to watch this fascinating story.

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Review 1: The Prayer Box A Novel audiobook by Sara

A story that draws you in

Any additional comments?

I have to state up front that I had trouble understanding the narrator for this book. She had such a whispering, emotionally filled voice that at times I could not decipher what she was saying. I kept stopping and thinking that I would give up and return the book but the story just kept drawing me back. The message was positive, the characters well developed and believable and in the end I was won over. The themes of rebuilding and self discovery were strong. I’m glad I stuck with it and finished the book–the story was worth it and to me that’s what really matters.

Review 2: The Prayer Box A Novel audiobook by S. Rains

There were times that the narration was hard to understand. I appreciate the narrator trying to make each character authentic and different but there were huge sections that were just incomprehensible.

Review 3: The Prayer Box A Novel audiobook by Avid Reader

I had heard so much about the story. I just couldn’t wait to hear it. It really is a wonderful story of redemption, but for me personally, the narration was so difficult to listen to several times I almost gave up listening to it.

The narrator reads at a certain cadence and she never deviates from it so even when she’s using her voice to be different people, her pattern is the exact same where she’s a little breathy at the end of every sentence and goes up at the same point in every sentence in the book. Again, I loved the story but I will be careful not to purchase anything narrated by Xe Sands.

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