The Vampire Lestat | Series The Vampire Chronicles Book 2

The Vampire Lestat is the second book in The Vampire Chronicles series by famous author Anne Rice. The story is about Lestat who was once aristocrat in the early days of France, now he is a rock star full of ghosts in the 1980s. He has spent the centuries searching for people like him, mysterious and terrifying. ..

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Review 1: The Vampire Lestat audiobook by Patricia

Finally unabridged! Excellently read, great listen

This has always been my favourite novel from the Vampire Chronicles series (even though Interview with the Vampire is more popular) but I’ve always held off downloading it from Audible because it was only available abridged (aka butchered) but when this edition became available I downloaded this, Interview and Queen of the Damned immediately!

I’ve read the paperback edition of this book many times but Simon Vance narrates very well and captures the cheeky, elegant character of Lestat very well and brings out some subtleties that I’ve missed before.

This novel stands alone very well if you haven’t read the other Anne Rice books since it only makes a few references to Interview with the Vampire.

I hope Audible will release more unabridged Anne Rice books (The Mayfair Witch novels!).

Review 2: The Vampire Lestat audiobook by Mark


This book was not at all like i thought it would be…the story from this point of view just blew me out of the water. To be made out to be the bad guy in the first book but then for the twist was just awesome

Review 3: The Vampire Lestat audiobook by Sharon K.


This is the one vampire that EVERYONE on this planet knows the name of: LESTAT. He is Anne Rice’s finest hour, her most famous creation and the beginning of her other vampire books even tho he came from Interview with the Vampire originally. This book shocked me at first, even tho I can recite the words nearly verbatim from the written word; I have read them so often. But I was astonished and DELIGHTED to hear the narrator speak in the French accent that was WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE! Reading the story never gave me the actual mental image of the French accent even tho we are told that Lestat is French and from the late 1700’s, it just never came across in the written words! But the Audible version shocked and DELIGHTED me to be so AUTHENTIC with the French accent and it surely made the OLD STORY TO ME almost brand new! This narrator does such an excellent job of reading the story I simply cannot tell you how wonderful it is! You must experience it for yourself! You MUST! Lestat is so famous, the movie with Stuart Townsend was excellent, as was Akasha (actress Aaliyah) and Marius and the others was very very good; but the Audible version of the story is so much better. You will hear and understand so much more and the authentic French accent is so very original, it was not used in the movie! but it really “makes” the story so perfectly original. I highly recommend this Audible book to any Anne Rice fan, any Vampire fan and any fan of good books! There is really nothing better than classic vampire stories!

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