The Wealthy Gardener

The Wealthy Gardener is a beautiful book about a touching story and practical wisdom about entrepreneurship and wealth that fathers want to teach their children. This is the financial ambition and long-term wealth experience of a wealthy gardener. Gardener inspires listeners to find their high purpose and financial freedom to lead a happy, rich life.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The Wealthy Gardener audiobook by Christie G

Omg this book is incredible!

This book is life changing. I’m holding back tears having reached the end 😭 the wisdom shared here is something I’ll never forget. To say I recommend this book to everyone I know is an understatement. Thank you so much to the author for publishing this work 🙏🏼

Review 2: The Wealthy Gardener audiobook by singram

a new timeless financial guide

this book has the perfect balance of interesting stories, analogies, and correct principles of success. written as advice from parent to child. I wish I would have been raised with these principles and I’ll definitely raise my kids with these principles. Very motivational to hear the realistic perspective that one has to put in extraordinary effort to yield extraordinary results. The extraordinary results are within reach. thank you John Soforic! I’ll be listening to this book again.

Review 3: The Wealthy Gardener audiobook by Darren K. Nichols

Best Wealth Creation Book I’ve Read

I’ve read/listened to over 40 books in the last year or so far this one has been my favorite. The stories are very helpful in keeping you interested in the lessons and the lessons are many. No need for me to write a book for my kids, this has already been done with the Wealthy Gardner. I’m starting it again today and will listed over and over to keep my focus in the right areas.

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