The Wolf Gift

The Wolf Gift is the first book in the series by author Anne Rice. This is a story as old and fascinating as the history of the creation of werewolves. Bold new beginnings from the inspired creator of Chronicles of Vampires. A reporter on assignment at the San Francisco Observer. An elderly woman welcomed him into her magnificent home. The man was attacked by the beast in the dark for no reason. Then how did he discover something interesting about the werewolf?

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The Wolf Gift audiobook by Mel

Nietzsche in Wolf’s Clothing/Philosophy or Horror

“Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright”. Anne Rice’s “man-wolf” doesn’t follow the conventional tenets of lycanthropy–there is no moon, no gypsy, no silver bullets. What Rice has done with her new novel is reinvent not only the lore of the heretofore terrifying beast, but the beast itself, with the same flair she used in the greatest make-over of all time…the evil undead vampire into Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.

And, those menly men have nothing over gifted Reuben Golding; he’s young, handsome, filthy rich, erudite, with a doctor-mother, lawyer-girlfriend, priest-brother, drives a Porsche,–AND, he is bequeathed a sprawling mansion by the ocean, after he makes love to the mysterious older woman (32?!) he just met that owns the place is attacked and killed by her jealous hooligan brothers–the post-coital glow still about her beautiful face. Reuben of course is spared…OR IS HE???

This time around the creature-angst that had Pitt’s Louis eating rats to avoid committing murder, has been replaced with a deep existential pondering about good and evil, the sacred and the profane, Zarathustra’s favorite salad dressing…you’d think waking up covered in black fur sprouting claws and fangs would cause more deliberation than if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it…

Years ago, Interview With The Vampire was one of my favorite reads. Rice is a distinguished writer, and Wolf Gift has her trademark rich and evocative settings, the lush prose, and an entertaining story (which seems to be begging for a sequel). Though I have to say, even once you have suspended belief and embraced the man-wolf as a vigilante guard dog, there are some issues: there is no real tension, no suspenseful build-up–even the love scenes seem unenthusiastic (what is with the flannel night gowns–some reference to Little Red’s grandma!?). Reuben isn’t the only one with an identity dilemma–Man or Wolf? Philosophy or Horror? As it is, this book could be placed in either genre. Too often the wolf story got trampled by Rice’s philosophical/theological tutorials that reminded me of college days with Kant, Hume, Descartes, deChardin, when I wanted suspense, chills and frights.

Wolf Gift may not be a hair-raiser, a little editting may have helped this new book be on par with Rice’s earlier work, but true Rice fans will devour it and be hoping for The Man-Wolf Chronicles.

Review 2: The Wolf Gift audiobook by cristina


Overall, I have to say the book was mediocre. It’s like Anne Rice wrote the background for the story (the set of characters, how the creatures come about, how the main character got infected…), but then forgot to write the story itself. So the plot meanders about. Is it about this kidnapping? Is it about the character’s love life? Is it about the wolves-who-were-there-before? Is it about religion? The answer is always, “not really.” Your interest is never fully engaged. Even the philosophical discussions are boring because they are not attempting to solve any tension. There is no tension. (Even the dumping of a girlfriend is glossed over as if absolutely nothing happened — why was she even in the story as a girlfriend and not just friend to begin with? Who knows? Who cares?)

This is no Vampire Lestat.

If you want a better reinvented werewolf, read “The Last Werewolf.”

Review 3: The Wolf Gift audiobook by leighda

Very disappointed

I have always been a fan or Anne Rice but this book was a huge let down.
A plot would have helped. It’s much like a journal. Just giving the reader different things that happen to the writer. I managed to finish it somehow waiting on the plot or purpose to be reviled.
Maybe she was pushed by her publisher to get something written?

I have enjoyed many of her other books. She has made a good name of herself but that does not condone writing something and taking my hard earned money just because of who she is. She has gotten stale and lazy, riding out the fame of her name…. I am very disappointed.. don’t waist a credit ..

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