The Wolves of Midwinter | The Wolf Gift Chronicles Book 2

The Wolves of Midwinter is the second novel in the The Wolf Gift series by author Anne Rice. This is a fantasy story about the world of werewolves. Anne Rice takes us to the rugged coast of Northern California, the grand mansion at Nideck Point and a deeper exploration of the transformed Man Wolf’s upbringing.

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Review 1: The Wolves of Midwinter audiobook by Mel

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…MAN WOLF!

Rueben, the Renaissance man, reluctant werewolf, continues his paradoxical struggle with his transformation into the world of the Morphenkinder, aka Man Wolves, now surrounded by the gentlemanly old-school wolf pack. He’s moved into the bequeathed Nideck mansion, is doing well with his Man Wolf lessons, has a new loup-garou love interest for his animalistic amatory side, but is haunted by the painful memory AND the spectral manifestations of his one-night stand love, the beautiful now ghostly, benefactor Marchent. Marchent is “Earth-bound” and hanging with the Forest Gentry until she works out the glitches in her ascension to the other side.

Did I mention it is the Yuletide season?!! Oh, it is — for about 14 hours of the 16. The Man Wolves renovate the mansion and surrounding *village,* plan a Midwinter celebration feast for the local population, and string miles of colored lights. (This is the true horror of this book… stuck at Westworld-like Medieval Times and being schooled on all the minutiae of the period: roasted wild boar, mead and mincemeat, antique rag dolls, Battenburg lace, wooden puppets, and mummers…with an infinite loop of Greensleeves playing. Where’s a hungry Man Wolf when you need him?) If it takes $1.5 million to maintain Downton Abbey, the Man Wolfs make the Grantham/Crawleys look like paupers; they are gazillionaires with an over-the-top penchant for decoration — when they aren’t taking care of magnanimous depradation or ritualistically frolicking naked among the ancient redwoods.

I ‘d like to sit down with the spiritually diverse Ms. Rice…say maybe over a pina colada at Trader Vic’s, or a big dish of beef chow mein from Lee Ho Fook’s…discuss philosophy, Germanic neopaganism, her conversion from atheism. I’d sit with her for days until she got it all out of her system; I’d do it in memory of Lestat and Louis, and for all the reader/fans that yearn for the Anne Rice from the Vampire Chronicles. With that out of the way, I’d love to talk to her about what she does best — writing gothic-fantasy-horror, creating epic characters and their complete cosmology based on universal myths and lore, how she layers her books with her knowledge of history and a keen eye for architectural and atmospheric details. Once she understood that I meant her no disrespect, I would start a conversation about the importance of an author distancing her personal obsessions from her work, and the need for professional editing to avoid a bloated theological treatise, over reliant on superfluous imagery that suffocates the plot.

There actually is a good story here, and it does set up some interesting possibilities for the concluding book, but you have to suffer for it. If you barely made it through Wolf Gift, you probably won’t make this installment — unless you are obsessed with Medieval set decorating. If determined but reluctant–skip through the decking the halls. They say horror done poorly becomes comedy…this is borderline, at times causing me mental images of a super-hero Man Wolf, sniffing out evil, and devouring the evil-doers down to “the last knuckle” before dragging himself to confession. I crawled to the finish line with hope that the final book makes the often uneasy reading task, so far, worth it.

Review 2: The Wolves of Midwinter audiobook by K. Tullock

What Happened!!

Was Anne Rice bored?? the first book was great this one is so repetitious and so boring. I will say that it is well written but that is all it has going for it.

Review 3: The Wolves of Midwinter audiobook by Shade Wolf

Great story!

really loved this book and the first. Just sad there was never the third as it was originally part of a trilogy. but still good and I loved the books so much I had to hear the audible versions a few years later 🙂

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