Underlord – Cradle Book 6

Underlord is the sixth science book in the Cradle series by author Will Wight. Clans and sects are preparing disciples to fight against the rivalry of young Underlords. Lindon and his team prepare everything for this fight. The only winners are the ones who will gain Underlord.

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Review 1: Underlord – Cradle Book 6 audiobook by Ian Pape

Iteration 110 grows even larger and deeper

Will Wight and Travis Baldree continue to impress me. Wight seems to have a unique gift for writing non-human characters in a way that makes them very relatable and enjoyable. This is in addition to his gift for writing human characters, even those who think, feel and behave like gods. Baldree, reminiscent of voice actor Dee Bradley Baker in his range, is able to wonderfully recreate a huge cast of characters spread across different ages, sexes, species, levels of sentience and sanity. He effortlessly captures the bizarre and nuanced lunacy of the self proclaimed janitor extraordinaire Eithan, who uses his near omniscience primarily to irritate others and perform absurd practical jokes, when he isn’t tearing at the fabric of the heavens with his machinations. Baldree is equally adept at capturing the ancient, sometimes crazed with overwhelming dragon power, sacred turtle Orthos, whose role in the story only raises my expectations for book 7. Wight continues to be a author whose worlds capture my imagination and, though Wight is an excellent narrator in his own right, Baldree’s unique talents take the marvelous places, creatures, people and fights to new heights.

Review 2: Underlord – Cradle Book 6 audiobook by Jhaxx

Binge Listened the entire series. Need More!

I spent some time searching for the next good audible series. Went through several duds before finding Unsouled. It had good ratings on Story and Performance so I gave it a shot. After the first book I realized that I finally found a winner. It took all my madra to put it away for a few hours here and there but in the end I had to go back to it. I went though all six books in about a week.

The story is fantastic and Travis Baldree is an excellent narrator especially when Dross is speaking. Had me laugh out loud at times. I am now going to look at other Will Wight series just to pass the time while waiting for book 7.

Review 3: Underlord – Cradle Book 6 audiobook by kevin

My favorite series

Its the next book in the cradle series what else can I say when Will Wight writes a book and Travis Baldree narrates other then Shut up and take my money!

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