Uniform Justice – Commissario Brunetti Mysteries Book 12

Uniform Justice is a horror, suspense novel in the Commissario Brunetti Mysteries series of stories by author Donna Leon. Commissario Brunetti and his wife Paolo have no sympathy for the Italian armed forces, a cadet was found hanged, believed to have committed suicide in Venice’s elite military academy.

Brunetti’s complex emotions mourn and grieve the death of a boy her age. Brunetti despised and resented the arrogance of his teachers and classmates.

The young man is the son of a doctor and former politician, a man of impeccable integrity in Italian politics. Dr. Moro was clear and understandable about his son’s death but he did not want to talk to police officer Brunetti during the investigation.

When Brunetti – and Signorina Elettra faced the wall of silence, the self-defense troops and civilians did not want to talk.

Is it the natural reluctance of the Italians to get involved with the authorities or is Brunetti facing a conspiracy to remain silent?
A young man is murdered in a famous military academy in Venice. This case involves Inspector Brunetti
Inspector Brunetti is a native of Venice, much appreciated in his city, a lover of delicious Italian food and a constant pursuit of Justice.
This book, by Inspector Brunette, details the Italian police and political activities.
But this particular book gave me the impression that the entire structure of the police is based on corruption, conspiracy, and favoritism.
Most of the characters are portrayed as spoiled, incompetent, or without serious career direction. Except for Inspector Brunetti and one or two of his officers, the rest seemed useless. So what benefit are these corrupt policemen to society and the country?
Here’s a reader’s breakdown of this fascinating novel.

1. Exit Patta. He gives no important purpose in plots or stories
2. Ditto with his hound Scarpa.
3. Elettra, She does more with her computer and her “contacts” than Brunetti. She has to explain to him how crimes have decreased and suspects are more reliable while he constantly asks her what she thinks.
Isn’t he a top cop?
4. Commissioner himself: Should be a chef or a restaurant owner. It seems the commissioner is more interested in food and recipes than a cop. Carry weapons when needed, forget cell phones, roam around like a lost dog most of the time and seem to have no clue about anything.
5. Paola: A series (short) that she found very interesting.

This is a cookbook of recipes by Paola and others that Brunetti seems more interested in learning about crimes and their perpetrators.

The perfect combination of work and time spent with family and people brings to the main character.
To solve crimes, especially those committed by Venetian society or the high-ranking military, superiors must be manipulated or completely ignored. Guido suspects foul play and opens an investigation seeking elusive justice. The story unfolds in a linear fashion and offers a look at government corruption, an integral part of the plot.
Inspector Brunetti solved the case, but the criminal will never be brought to justice.

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