What Does This Button Do?

What Does This Button Do? is a long-awaited memoir by the multifaceted lead vocalist of Iron Maiden, one of the most influential rock bands to date. In 1970, Iron Maiden rose to the top thanks to its high octane rating, operatic style, and engaging stage performance. His diary is a look into the life, heart and mind of the most interesting man in the world – a rock icon.

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Review 1: What Does This Button Do? audiobook by Michael

Iron Maiden Still Rules The World

If you think heavy metal is dead, think again. Bruce Dickinson tells his story of his life as the front man for Iron Maiden and all that goes into it. Including playing in front of crowds 250 thousand strong! (Try that you banjo-playing, whistling hipsters).
He also ties in his growth of becoming an airline captain, a script writer, a fencer, and obviously an author. Bruce is full energy and inspiration and his writing nothing less than brilliant. I recommend the audio book for anyone with a taste for metal. What delivery!

Review 2: What Does This Button Do? audiobook by Leigh Abril

Please Tell me Bruce is working on a 2nd book!

Great storytellers are to be cherished -the more years that pass by the more you recognize the great ones. Bruce takes you into a common English home of the 1960’s and you feel like you spent a year in one of his family’s many living rooms. From the studios of the Beast recordings to the experience of Auschwitz then surviving Sarajevo all the way through the return of the Maiden Machine and all his endeavors you just want more stories and insight. For many of us we saw the greatness -as a singer, entertainer -now we see the greatness of a good decent person -an inspiration. You don’t have to be a Maiden fan -these stories transcend all genres of music and take you on one great story!

Review 3: What Does This Button Do? audiobook by Tami Mahaffey

Great read…or listen

More reasons to respect the man are contained within the pages of this book. Excellent and inspiring read. “Nothing in childhood is wasted.” Simply inspired work.

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