When He Was Wicked – By Julia Quinn

“When He Was Wicked” is a Regency fiction, historical, and romance fiction novel written by #1 New York Times bestseller Julia Quinn. It is the 6th book of the Bridgertons series, followed by It’s in His Kiss. Julia is an accomplished author whose books have appeared on the NYT 19 times. Her novels have been translated into more than 29 languages. She has also won and has been nominated for several awards, including the RITA award. If you want to check out her books, try The Duke and I.

Rosalyn Landor is the narrator of this audiobook. Once again, Rosalyn has proved that she is a leading voice in the historical romance genre. No one does these stories better than her.

In life, there is a turning point, a moment so sharp, breathtaking, and tremendous that a person knows their life isn’t going to be the same. For Michael Stirling, the city’s most famous rake, it was the moment when he laid eyes on Francesca Bridgerton.

Michael has chased after women and they had chased him all his life. He never allowed his heart to become engaged, but that changed after one look at Francesca. Too bad their meeting was at a supper celebrating her imminent wedding to her cousin.

That was before, now Michael is the earl and Francesca is finally free. He never dared tell her about his love, until she innocently lands in his arms.

Even though this is a beautiful story, the heroine does test our patience and get on the nerves. Francesca remains confused throughout the book and it gets boring for the most part. Other than that, it is a sweet and steamy story that also gets quite heartbreaking at times.

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