Where Memories Lie – Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Mystery Novels Book 12

Where Memories Lie is a fictional book in the Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Mystery Novels series by author Deborah Crombie. This is a New York Times bestseller by author Deborah Crombie. The mystery novel Dreaming of the Bones made the list of the 100 best crime novels of the 20th century by the independent American enigma.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- Nice book with main characters Gemma Jones and Duncan Kinkaid. The personal lives of highly competent detectives with subplots to enhance the plot. The people around them seem to grow and change in each job as professional and personal relationships as well as awkward situations. Crombie’s emphasis on character and human nature favors P.D. James and Ruth Rendell.

02- The narrator of this book is brilliant. The relationship between Jemma and Duncan grows and matures though in the series. This is a “fairy tale” romance. The relationship between two adults with a complicated life. The road has been bumpy and difficult, but the two have overcome difficulties together. They are all policemen, and they are very nice people and devoted to everyone. The cases in each book are interesting and varied, the plots complex with conclusions that surprise everyone.

03- When Gemma James’ close friend Erica Rosenthal asks her to investigate the appearance of a diamond brooch she “lost” during the war. In the directory of an auction house Gemma agrees to investigate to find out the truth. When those involved in the sale were murdered, Scotland was called, and Gemma begged Duncan to investigate the matter. As the investigation deepens, Gemma begins to realize that the full history of this brooch and the circumstances of an unsolved murder go back 50 years. The clues are missing to solve today’s murders.
Deborah Crombie weaves the heartbreaking story of the betrayal and murder of Jewish refugees with the knowledge that many families still profit from illicit profits today.

04- The novel Memories focuses on Erika Rosenthal, the character we were introduced to before. Erika has always been a rock to Gemma and she doesn’t know much about her friend’s past. Erika is a German Jew who fled to England during World War II and plays a big part in Erika’s secret regarding her past.

Erika’s father was a jeweler for several banknotes as a child. One of his most notable works appeared in the auction catalog, bringing Erika’s world to an end. Erika thinks she’ll never see it again and it brings her whole past back into focus, which she wants to forget. Gemma is asked by Erika to find out where the auction house comes from while her father works. Gemma realizes how her interrogations will expose the past in her closest friends and endanger the lives of anyone who comes in contact with it. Like Erika, the work has a history and the two quickly came to light.

If you have not read the Kincaid / James novels, you will really love and want to learn these fascinating works. This is the great mystery that Crombie has brought to us.

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