From Lukov with Love

From Lukov with Love tells the story of the life of Ms. Jasmine Santos. After 17 years of countless broken promises, her chance to compete in figure skating is about to close. An arrogant fool has a suggestion of what her life, Jasmine will be like as the next course of this fascinating book unfolds.

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Review 1: From Lukov with Love audiobook by Brittany M

New Favorite MZ Slow Burn

Ok, first I should preface this review with the fact that, although I have read many amazing books in the past 6 months, I have not felt compelled to leave a review. Mariana is an automatic buy for me, I have all her books in both kindle and audio versions and I have lost count of how many times I have re-read them.

From Lukov With Love has officially moved into the number one spot of my favorite MZ books. I Love Jasmine’s scrappy attitude, and Ivan (Vanya) was a total dream once we moved past his defenses. This book was… just perfect. I loved every minute of the almost 15 hour book! I haven’t giggled and laughed that much while reading in a long time. The dual narration really added so much to the story, and Teddy Hamilton is a perfect voice for Ivan. Thanks Marianna for continually putting out such quality, well researched concepts, and amazing characters to fall in love with!

Review 2: From Lukov with Love audiobook by SkirmishofWit

this has ruined me for all other audiobooks!

I adored this book but it was made 200x better because of the way that Callie and Teddy recorded the dialogue. Having Teddy record all of Ivan’s dialogue was genius and really drew me into the story even more. I know I will be revisiting Meatball and Satan’s story many many times in the future.

Review 3: From Lukov with Love audiobook by Kindle Customer

I only wish it was longer

I only wish it was longer. I love all of Zapata’s books. I love that there’s no big, stupid misunderstanding between the main characters and that the hero loves the heroine for a lot longer and earlier than the heroine knew…but she doesn’t find out until the timing is right of course, and then it makes her and our, the reader, hearts feel good.

This book was hard to put down. The first time I read it I went with only 2.5 hours of sleep and finished it in two days (it normally takes me two weeks to finish a book due to life invading…for this book, and all of Zapata’s books, I shoved life aside so I could read like I was a kid again, and the lack of sleep was so worth it). Anyway, Ivan was amazing and supportive, but didn’t put up with Jasmine being anything but her best…just as a partner should be…cue the swoon. This will be a book I reread again and again.

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