Homeland – Legend of Drizzt: Dark Elf Trilogy Book 1

Homeland is the first novel in the Legend of Drizzt series by author R. A. Salvatore. This is a wonderful novel by author R. A. Salvatore. The story follows the origins of Salvatore’s signature dark elf, Drizzt Do’Urden. Here is the sequel to this fascinating book.

We invite you to listen to this fascinating story. Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Homeland – Legend of Drizzt: Dark Elf Trilogy Book 1 by Pi

Among the drow, all trust is foolish.

Drizzt is, by far, the most iconic drow character in fantasy literature. He’s so popular that within the circles of roleplaying gamers, both tabletop and computer, it’s a common joke that every drow is a two-sword wielding goodie goodie, despite their race’s fierce reputation. Players will name their characters in an homage to Drizzt, just as they might with Legolas or Gandalf. That’s some high praise, right there.

Homeland is the first book of the Dark Elf Trilogy and the (truly massive) Legend of Drizzt Saga. While it’s not the first appearance of Drizzt, it’s the place for new readers to start, because here you’ll learn of both his origins and his background. Homeland describes the City of Menzoberranzan, home of the drow, and the struggles for power that take place there.

If you’ve never read a book about the drow, you’ll quickly find that there’s a lot to learn here. Salvatore assumes that the reader is unfamiliar with his setting, and he exposes the reader to the atrocities committed in the name of drow culture through the eyes of the naive and innocent Drizzt. By the end of the book, you will have a good feel for what the drow are all about, and likely be hungry for more of their plots and intrigue.

The story features many interesting characters: the insidious matron Malice, the vengeful Alton Devir, the noble Zaknafein. Drizzt is the primary hero, but to be perfectly honest, I found his character arc the weakest in the book. His naïveté and indomitable innocence are meant to be his best qualities, but I felt robbed of the potential for a redemption story that could have made him much more interesting. Surrounded by characters who are falling into ruin through their own actions or finding spiritual redemption for their crimes, Drizzt’s transition from naive to slightly-less-naive doesn’t feel very spectacular. This is, however, a matter of taste. The tone of this novel really sets up the heroic tone the larger series is known for.

As for the delivery, Bevine does an admirable job. I have quibbles on pronunciation, here and there, but since all of these words were born on paper, there probably is no solid agreement on any of them. Bevine does a good job of transitioning between the harsh calculating characters like Matron Malice and the more idealistic Drizzt, which is rather impressive.

Ultimately, if you are interested in learning more about the drow or getting into the Drizzt series of novels, this is a great place to start. The intrigue and plots are interesting, but there’s enough action to keep you interested if that’s more your speed.

Review 2: Homeland – Legend of Drizzt: Dark Elf Trilogy Book 1 by Frank

Well met old friend!

Salvatore can barely be called competent as a writer (at the time he wrote this book), but he doesn’t need to be. Some people want masterpieces, others want entertainment, this book deliver plenty of entertainment.

Drizzt and I “met” when I was entering my teen years, and listening to Drizzt’s adventures made my life that much richer. When I first heard the audiobooks, the recordings was a cassette-rip that was unbearably bad. This re-recording gives me the opportunity to pay for me enjoying the adventures of Drizzt, but also one that sounds great.

I can recommend this book (and it’s sequels) to anyone who like some great entertainment wile taking the bus or jogging. It’s easy to follow, narrated excellently and gives anyone between 10 and 100 a magical world to be carried away to, from the mundanity of everyday life.

Review 3: Homeland – Legend of Drizzt: Dark Elf Trilogy Book 1 by Jon

Origins of Drizzt

I’ve always heard how great the stories of Drizzt are. This made no sense in parts. He is some how the only member of his race that can see evil for what it is. The rest are brainwashed from birth. His brainwashing just never caught on. which isn’t really explained. I find it a major plot hole. The other characters make sense and are great for the most.

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