The Kartoss Gambit | Way of the Shaman Book 2

The Kartoss Gambit is the second novel in The Way of the Shaman series by Vasily Mahanenko. Barliona is a virtual world filled with fun and high entertainment, a new high-tech product that many people love. The government is the guarantor of this game, allowing it to circulate freely. Real-world prisoners are released into Barliona’s virtual mine.

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Review 1: The Kartoss Gambit audiobook by Don Gilbert

The Narrator sets the Tone

I had read the first book, “Survivor Quest,” in the “Way of the Shaman,” series but decided to listen to the second book “The Karloss Gambit, on Audible; reading the first book without the influence of a narrator made the story seem somewhat more intense. I realize this is a LITRPG genre series and therefore probably should be a little lighthearted; and its not that the narrator, Johnathan Yen, did a bad job, in fact he was very credible giving each character their own voice. It’s just, in my opinion his tone made the story seem more juvenile and not the intense adventure I had read in the first book.
Having said all of that I like the series so far, although it is not complete and I don’t see Audible or Amazon offering the third book yet. The same thing happened in the “Play to Live Series,” by D Rus; another LITRPG series that I like and Audible listeners are left hanging waiting on the completion.
I’m giving the story four stars only because the ending seemed rushed and it is not complete. The narrator four stars even though I thought a more intense reading would have given this story a completely different experience he did a credible job. Overall four stars

Review 2: The Kartoss Gambit audiobook by D.B. Cooper

I need more stars for this book

This book is legendary. If the next 4 books where in English i would be reading them now instead of writing a review. Out of the 1000+ books in my library this is now my number one.
If you have never gotten in to mmorpgs i am not sure that you will like this book , but if you have you will love this. How hard could it be to learn to read Cyrillic /sigh..

Review 3: The Kartoss Gambit audiobook by michael

Don’t Hesitate To Buy!

This series so far has kept me seriously entertained. If you love rpg games, & lots of twist’s in the plot then there is no greater treat then “Way Of The Shaman”. The Main characters growth is fascinating to witness as the story is told. If you like The “Play to live” series or even the “Phantom Server Trilogy” then this would be right up your alley. The Narration is so in sync with the characters. Jonathan Yen really breaths life into this fantasy World. Looking forward to the next book in this series.

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