The Sour Lemon Score – Parker Book 12

The Sour Lemon Score is the 12th novel in the Parker series by author Richard Stark. The book is about one of your partners being too greedy for his own good. The four-way split after a job that left so little for George Uhl, he began to discard his fellow hoists one by one. That he didn’t start things off by putting a bullet in Parker. That means he won’t get a chance to make a second. This is one of those fascinating novels that you should read.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01-The story opens with Parker and three men, Andrews, Weiss and Uhl preparing to rob Riverside Bank. Their planning, excellent coordination, guns and smoke resulted in a perfect heist. An old ranch and barn to drill holes until the heat subsides. The radio broadcast of the robbery revealed that the four men had made $33,000…When the box was opened, Uhl shot one of the men in the head, Parker jumped out of the window, running towards the barn when he heard it. heard more gunshots from inside the house. Parker went to the corner of the barn, reaching for his gun; The gun popped out as he passed through the window, he could see it lying in the dust. Uhl taunted him from the house.Uhl sets fire to the house, detonating Mercury in the barn. So much for setting up the story. Uhl is on the run and everyone is looking for him.

02- Richard Stark writes the book Parker, about a professional thief. Parker is rational – he doesn’t kill unless necessary to protect himself, he agrees to rob when he can plan the caper himself. Once he has decided to take revenge, he will take revenge no matter how long it takes. Westlake is a great writer; His characters are varied and interesting.

03- Parker is a thief, he is known to be cold, professional, emotionless. But Parker has his own morals and divides the spoils equally. He just does what he needs to get the job done. After a well-executed bank robbery, Uhl unmasks his three accomplices and takes on all that happens. The opening that sets the stage for this book is wonderful. Parker caught up with Uhl, chasing him from Bew York to Virginia to Pennsylvania. Along the way, the other bad guys get information about what Uhl is talking about around and the race going on. He almost an angel compared to some of the others in this book.

04- Parker and three accomplices rob a bank and go to an abandoned farm, and split the spoils. In the house, one of the accomplices, George Uhl, kills two others and nearly kills Parker. Parker tries to jump out of the window, however, loses the gun. Hidden in the woods, Parker, unarmed, can only watch Uhl set fire to the house and then leave in a car.

Parker arrives in the town where there’s been a robbery, asks Claire to transfer the money to him, and leaves. The search is complicated by the fact that Uhl is relatively new to the game, he’s only been involved in six robberies and no one really knows anything about him.

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