The Subtle Serpent – Sister Fidelma Book 4

The Subtle Serpent is the fourth novel in the Sister Fidelma series by author Peter Tremayne. In AD 666, a headless body was found in a drinking well of a remote monastery in southwestern Ireland: a cross in one hand; tying the other arm is the death of the pagan.

Sister Fidelma – the sister of King Muman, who, according to the law, supported the Brehon law court, was sent to investigate.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The Subtle Serpent – Sister Fidelma Book 4 by Mr. P. Hoggan

Celtic life and murder brought alive

Having read many of the Sister Fidelma mysteries years ago, it was a pleasure to listen to them this time. Excellent murder mysteries with a wealth of detail on the ancient Celtic church and social manners of the time. Caroline Lennon puts a voice to Sister Fidelma that makes the listen both authentic and a pleasure. Off to listen to the next one right now!

Review 2: The Subtle Serpent – Sister Fidelma Book 4 by Christine

Irish History

This Fidelma mystery is very interesting from a historical point of view, giving a lot of meaty information about traditional Irish practices, along with a great murder mystery.

Review 3: The Subtle Serpent – Sister Fidelma Book 4 by B. Kelly

This was the fourth Sister Fidelma book I consumed as soon as I was able. I find the character and time fascinating. A long-time interest in Ireland, where my father’s family was from, was ignited this summer by a trip to “Eireann”. Sister Fidelma’s adventures have kept the flame burning. I love the mention of places I’d seen. As a foreign language person, I appreciate the Latin and Irish thrown in to the dialog. The Subtle Serpent was an interesting blend of history and mystery. I like the characters developed in the book and Sister Fidelma’s always insightful analysis! As a matter of fact, my interest in Sister Fidelma was so high, I read 3 more: TheSpider’s Web, the Valley of Shadow and the Monk Vanished. Since some of them have not yet been published here in the US, I ordered them from !

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